We work with a select number of families and offer tailored services catering to each unique need. Our range of services includes:

Family Office Services 

We work with our clients on various aspects of financial and non-financial structuring to ensure that they are optimally organized to meet their family’s long-term goals. We work with our clients’ existing partners, and are able to draw on an extensive network of third party tax, legal and specialist advisors, to achieve the necessary objectives for our clients.

Advisory and Discretionary Mandates

We review and consolidate our clients’ existing investment portfolios and build a bespoke asset allocation strategy. Through our expertise, experience and network, we propose appropriate cutting-edge investment ideas sourced from whom we consider to be the most successful banks and financial providers in the industry. We are able to take control of the investment decision-making process through an investment management mandate. We work with our clients to establish a bespoke reporting process. 

Credit Consulting

We assist our clients with financing solutions, and negotiate on their behalf to find the best type of credit facility arrangements including Lombard loans, mortgages, art, boat and jet financing. We administer our clients’ outstanding credit facilities, including liaising with corresponding lending banks, negotiating terms and conditions and handling contractual documents. 

Alternative Investments

We source alternative funds and provide advice on investment opportunities in private equity and real estate. 


We offer our clients access to a dedicated portal, which provides real-time performance updates on single and consolidated portfolios. This tool allows clients to track, analyze and download tailor-made reports by performance, asset class, sector and more. 

New Yacht Consultancy Services

Novum now offers Yacht Consultancy Services, crafted with industry expert Benedetta Iovane. Drawing upon her expertise, we provide tailored solutions for yacht purchase, sale, chartering, and management.
We collaborate closely with our clients, refining yacht portfolios, devising personalized strategies and providing clear reporting protocols. 
Novum's Yacht Consultancy Services redefine luxury yacht ownership, offering unique expertise, discretion, and support for our clients. 


The core of our team’s shared philosophy can be summarized in three principles: transparency, aligned interests and intellectual honesty.